Did You Know? Grow Bone

Did you know there is a product that stimulates bone strength and bone mineral density, and has been clinically demonstrated to do so? The product Grow Bone System by Garden of Life is backed by human clinical studies. (more…)

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Stem Cells help reduce inflammation

Did you know?

Stem cells are the basic building blocks that make up the human body. In a healthy environment, adult stem cells can multiply and divide to create specialized cells, like blood cells, brain cells, skin cells, and more. Stem cells also act as the body’s natural repair system-they race to repair areas damaged by inflammation and free radicals. Free radicals are incomplete molecules on the hunt for a mate. In your body, they can bounce around like a pinball, causing damage (also known as oxidative stress) until they manage to steal an electron from a healthy cell.


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Vitamin K2 & Bone Health

Did you know?
Did you know studies have shown that high dose Vitamin K2 new bone formation, and maintain or increases bone mineral density? Vitamin K2 has been used effectively in Japan for decades to treat osteoporosis.


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Alkaline food can help pain

Did you know?

Researchers have found evidence that diet may affect pain. Supplementing the diet with alkaline-rich foods in pain patients may reduce the metabolic acid load and increase magnesium and Vitamin D level, resulting in an improvement in pain symptoms.
Some alkaline-rich foods include Dark lettuces, their deep color indicates their high nutrient content, including chlorophyll for your blood sugar, Vitamin K, and lots of Vitamin C. They’re some of the easier greens to digest.


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Osteoporosis& Bone Health

Osteoporosis and Bone Health
Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle – so brittle that a fall or even mild stresses such as bending over or coughing can cause a fracture. Osteoporosis-related fractures most commonly occur in the hip, wrist or spine.
Bone is living tissue that is constantly being broken down and replaced. In the first few decades of life, bone density (how tightly bones are packed with minerals) increases. The peak bone density and bone strength will then plateau for about two decades.


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WSJ-“You Could Be Buying Trash on Amazon-Literally”


The way we shop is so much different than even a decade ago. We were doing online shopping a decade ago, but we were not doing our everyday shopping online. Now the trend seems to be people are looking for the very best deal they can get, and trying to get it the fastest and easiest way possible. There are drawbacks to certain online shopping. Especially for items you ingest, or apply topically. Just as there are so many people trying to make an easy living by trying to hack into people’s accounts, credit cards, and their online accounts, these same type of people are trying to make an easy buck by selling online too. There is just no way to know how people are accumulating these items to sell, storing these items, or sometimes creating look alike items. We have had many of our customers tell us they purchase look alike supplements on line, just to open the bottle and find it is not the same supplement or product at all. This is a very scary trend. The Wall Street Journal did an investigative article on this very subject. Below, is an excerpt from this article. We hope you take in some great information to help you make choices to help your health journey. We are here for you, to help you navigate your health journey. So….. LET US BE YOUR DOORWAY TO HEALTH!!!!


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