Vitamin K2 & Bone Health

Did you know?
Did you know studies have shown that high dose Vitamin K2 new bone formation, and maintain or increases bone mineral density? Vitamin K2 has been used effectively in Japan for decades to treat osteoporosis.

 In low doses (6o mcg), Vitamin K promotes normal blood clotting. This amount is normally obtained from dietary sources. Over the last 21 years the suggested daily dose of Vitamin K steadily increased to over 2000 mcg. This is far higher than the tiny amount needed for normal blood coagulation.
What is very interesting is low doses of Vitamin K2 activate coagulation proteins in the liver, and no matter how much more vitamin K is ingested there is no excess coagulation/clotting risk. That is because when coagulation proteins are fully saturated with Vitamin K, they cannot take up more vitamin K to cause greater coagulation potential. Many Japanese doctors began prescribing 45,000 mcg of Vitamin K2 and have observed profound improvements in bone health. Vitamin K2 appears to restore healthy balance. Nutrients that work with Vitamin K2: Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Silicon, and Boron. Taken together with high doses of Vitamin K2, these nutrients protect against bone loss and fractures.

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