The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Sole

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The benefits of Himalayan salt sole
Himalayan Salt can be one of the best ways to keep yourself hydrated. Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals that make up what we need for our own electrolytes. Some of the benefits of drinking Himalayan Salt Sole are as follows. (more…)

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Safe Bug Repellent

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Bug Repellant
If bug repellent sprays can kill mosquitoes and melt plastic, it is probably not a good idea to use on your skin. These repellents, the toxic chemicals that are inside them get directly absorbed into our blood through the skin and may be doing more damage to the body than we ever imagined. Bug sprays that prevent pests such as mosquitoes through harsh chemicals are indeed pesticides. In the same way you wouldn’t put weed killer on your arm you might think twice about putting certain pesticides on your skin. (more…)

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Did You Know That Coconut Oil Can Be Used As A Sunscreen?

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Coconut Oil

Did you know that Coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen? Amazingly enough it can because I  has a natural Spf. of 4-5. When combined with other simple ingredients it becomes an effective, natural way to protect our skin for the suns harmful UVA & UVB rays. Here is a simple recipe to make your own natural and non- toxic sunscreen. (more…)

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