Eating melons can trigger allergies

Did you know?

People with ragweed allergy may be symptomatic when they eat melons, banana, cucumber, and zucchini? Cooking the fruit or vegetable often reduces or alleviates symptoms. Birch trees are another important trigger of allergy symptoms.
Fall allergies may present with sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, and post-nasal drip. Some people also complain of itchy, red, watery, and swollen eyes. Worsening nasal symptoms may lead to coughing and trigger asthma symptoms. In some people, ragweed allergies may also trigger oral allergy syndrome, where the body’s immune system becomes confused and triggers an allergic response.


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The Nose Knows! Allergies, why we develop them & How to manage them.


It doesn’t matter if you were born in Texas or moved here recently, if you haven’t developed seasonal allergies, you have a good chance of developing them. Did you know that if you are exposed to a new allergen- like a pollen from a plant you’re not used to being around, it can take about 2-5 years to get sensitized to it? That means if you aren’t hit with allergies right away, they could develop over time. That is why many people who move to Texas from other states often comment, “I’ve never had allergies before? Why now?”


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