The Nose Knows! Allergies, why we develop them & How to manage them.


It doesn’t matter if you were born in Texas or moved here recently, if you haven’t developed seasonal allergies, you have a good chance of developing them. Did you know that if you are exposed to a new allergen- like a pollen from a plant you’re not used to being around, it can take about 2-5 years to get sensitized to it? That means if you aren’t hit with allergies right away, they could develop over time. That is why many people who move to Texas from other states often comment, “I’ve never had allergies before? Why now?”

If you’re not born with allergies and develop them, it can be because of several factors. Aging does actually play a role. As we age the things that our immune systems could once deal with now have a harder time because over time our body systems change. For instance, as we age our metabolism slows down. Our immune system also changes along with what we can become sensitive to over time.

Another culprit is the air in our homes. The air indoors is typically 2-5 times more polluted than outside because our homes that never get aired out hold in toxic fumes, allergens and dust. It’s not only important to change the filters in your home once a month but also to open the widows every once in a while, to let your home breath and air out.

Stress is another key factor here as well. When we are under stress for a long period of time our immune system gets suppressed leaving us more susceptible to not only getting sick with a cold but also to allergens. We have all heard that we produce cortisol the ” stress hormone” but did you know that we also produce histamine? Histamine causes us to have runny or stuffy noses, watery eyes and sneezing fits. If you are under a lot of stress you may experience these symptoms worse than if you were more relaxed because of the excess histamine in your system.  One more good reason to find ways to have a nice vacation occasionally.

Sometimes just visiting someplace new can spark an allergy attack because there may be different pollen from plants that you are not used to being around. High winds can also bring in allergens from places far away.

There is hope!

There are things you can do to help yourself reduce your allergy attacks. If you have been outside, then take a shower when you come home and make sure to wash the clothes you were wearing that day. Doing this washes off the pollen that may have clung to your skin and clothing. Using a Nettie pot to wash out your nasal cavity and sinuses of any allergens you have breathed in during the day. Taking antihistamines like Breathe Free by Rootology, Texas Knows or ALJ by Nature’s Sunshine- to name a few-can be very effective in reducing your symptoms. Taking supplements like Elderberry Concentrate is loaded with antihistamines and can help your immune system and thereby help reduce allergy attacks.


So, whether you are new to Texas or have lived here forever know that there is hope and help with your allergies. We can help at Eterna Health Food Store. Remember…..