ALJ helps with seasonal allergies

Did you know?

When particles enter the respiratory system via the nose or the mouth, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms, and the immune system is put on active duty? Herbal nourishment supports a healthy respiratory system that can be challenged by inhaled irritants. 
The herbal formula ALJ helps balance the natural eliminative functions of the respiratory system. It supports healthy lung function and helps support the body during seasonal changes-AKA allergies. Fenugreek and mullein contain mucilage, which creates a viscous, fibrous substance that provides a soothing effect. Fennel has traditionally been used as a cleansing herb and is often used after eating. 
Boneset is used during seasonal times when the body needed extra nutritional support. Horseradish has a stimulating effect on the respiratory system, which you can easily discover for yourself by eating a small amount of the freshly grated herb. ALJ is a great supplement to help anyone with coping with the annoying allergies of North Texas. It helps with the symptoms and helps soothe the entire respiratory system.