Pesticides are Simply Everywhere and in Everything

Pesticides are Simply Everywhere and in Everything

Did you know?

Pesticides are simply everywhere and in everything. Pesticides have found their way in our bodies through simple, everyday things, from our food to our water, our air, and our homes. You can buy organic, you can grow your own food, and you can use a water filtration system in your house, but you still cannot escape the damaging effects of pesticides.

These chemicals accumulate in the body which typically stores them in your body fat. They tend to be resistant to breaking down in water and this makes them very difficult for your body to remove. Do not feel overwhelmed, there are many ways you can assist your body in removing these dangerous chemicals.

Most toxins are eliminated in bile via the liver. Keeping gut flora in optimal condition, and certain cleansing supplements and/or healthy practices can help eliminate pesticides and other toxins from liver, gall bladder, colon, kidneys and blood.

Here is a small list: Glutathione, Milk thistle, Essiac Tea, Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Charcoal, Garlic, Citrus Pectin, Vitamin C, Chlorella, Coffee enemas, Clay baths, saunas, detox baths, colonics, exercise, Healthy Water, eating plenty of alkaline foods, and eating more fiber.

The bottom line is that it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid pesticide exposure, so knowing how to avoid, and remove pesticides and how to build your system to help you detox, is your best line of defense.