Alkaline food can help pain

Did you know?

Researchers have found evidence that diet may affect pain. Supplementing the diet with alkaline-rich foods in pain patients may reduce the metabolic acid load and increase magnesium and Vitamin D level, resulting in an improvement in pain symptoms.
Some alkaline-rich foods include Dark lettuces, their deep color indicates their high nutrient content, including chlorophyll for your blood sugar, Vitamin K, and lots of Vitamin C. They’re some of the easier greens to digest.

Celery is a fantastic alkalizing food for several reasons. It’s packed with water, Vitamin C and K, and also full of natural electrolytes. This is important for bringing balance to the body and preventing electrolyte loss that can cause inflammation on its own. All root vegetables will provide some alkalizing benefits, yet carrots offer a special punch all on their own. Full of Vitamin A and C, and many cleansing benefits, carrots have been juiced for years due to their healing and alkalizing properties.
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