Did You Know? Grow Bone

Did you know there is a product that stimulates bone strength and bone mineral density, and has been clinically demonstrated to do so? The product Grow Bone System by Garden of Life is backed by human clinical studies.

Vitamin Code Grow Bone System includes 756mg of raw whole food plant calcium plus 680mg elemental strontium to increase bone mineral density. It contains Vitamin Code RAW Calcium, the first RAW whole food plant calcium formula with 1,600IU vitamin D3, RAW MK-7, magnesium and boron that is free from crushed rock, limestone, chalk or animal bones. It also contains Vitamin Code Growth Factor S-680mg of elemental strontium, a critical bone-building trace mineral.
The Grow Bone System starts with Vitamin Code RAW Calcium formulated with AlgaeCal RAW Clinical Strength. This patented ingredient is an ocean-derived raw, whole food, plant-form of calcium, naturally rich in 73 bone-building minerals and trace elements. Vitamin Code Growth Factor S is an important part of the Vitamin Code Grow Bone System. When used along with Vitamin Code RAW Calcium, Growth Factors S grows bone by increasing mineral density.

Vitamin Code Grow Bone System Benefits

  • Stimulate Bone Growth
  • Increase Bone Mass and Strength
  • Increases Bone Mineral Density
  • Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis
Vitamin Code Grow Bone System-a clinically studied bone growth regimen.
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