There is relief for leg cramps


Did you know?

Cramps usually occur for a reason. If you haven’t strained a muscle, you’re probably cramping because your muscle is fatigued or overused or your body is dehydrated. Or maybe you’re not getting enough electrolytes, such as potassium or magnesium
These minerals help your muscles work more smoothly, and fluids help your body process the minerals. Most cases of muscle cramps don’t indicate a worrisome underlying condition. People who are 65 and older are at greater risk for them. Cramps might be related to alcoholismhypothyroidism, or diabetes. If the frequency of your cramps bothers you, tell your doctor.

Meanwhile, there are several remedies you can try yourself. Increasing your Magnesium either by taking it orally or using a magnesium oil directly on the spam can help relieve the problem. Hylands -Leg Cramps is also an effective fast acting remedy.
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