Liquid Colloidal Support Immune System Function

Liquid Colloidal Support Immune System Function

Did you know?

That many of our wonderful grown foods are deficient in minerals, as the soil is now deficient in minerals?

Minerals provide structure to tissues in your body such as your bones and teeth? Additionally, minerals support an adequate acid-base balance in your body and support the many processes of enzymes. Further, minerals play a role in your nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction and support the release of energy from food in your body.

Trace minerals are a type of mineral essential to your body for optimal health but not required by your body in large quantities. Specifically, trace minerals support immune system function, energy, metabolism and antioxidant protection.

Liquid colloidal mineral supplements are types of trace mineral supplements that support better absorption by your body due to the small size of the colloidal minerals. What are colloidal minerals? Well, it is a blend of minerals that can be found in some form of suspension or solution. Usually, colloidal minerals are commercially available produced from mining ancient sea beds, and then mixing the mined minerals with water or other fluid to hold them in solution. These products provide a large number of minerals.