Fatigue is Common to both Thyroid and Adrenal Imbalances

Fatigue is Common to both Thyroid and Adrenal Imbalances

Did you know?

Fatigue is common to both thyroid and adrenal imbalances and often both must be supplemented to feel well? The good news is that adrenals can rebalance and for many this can be an effective step to regaining their energy. Typically, if your body temperature is low (below 97.8 first thing in the morning) then you may benefit from natural thyroid support. However, if your basal temperature is low, but also bounces up and down–either in tenths of a degree or even up to a degree or more–it can be an indication of adrenal stress.

Take your body temperature four times a day:

  1. First thing in the morning
  2. Before lunch
  3. Before dinner
  4. Before bed

Keep a record of the results in a notebook. Each time you take your temperature, make a note of how you feel. Try to be as specific as possible. Avoid general comments such as “I feel terrible.” Instead, try to make notes that are specific enough to allow you to look back and notice even small improvements. Adrenal extracts can offer support in cases of prolonged stress and can significantly help with your adrenal health. Adrenaplex from Terry Naturally is a natural and herbal supplement for stress, anxiety and adrenal support.