An easy way to get children all their minerals.

Did you know?

Mineral Blend is the ideal maintenance blend of Fulvic and Humic minerals for customers who are generally in good health and want an easy way to add all-natural plant based minerals to their diet. It appeals to parents because it’s almost tasteless, so it’s easy to give to kids.

With Mineral Blend you’re getting three parts Fulvic to one part Humic. It’s a very popular product because of the convenience.

  • Powerful blend of 3 parts Fulvic to 1 part Humic
  • Rich dark color but it’s tasteless!
  • Supports a normal strong immune system*
  • Promotes digestive well-being*
  • Healthy cognitive function, restful sleep*
  • Stimulates the body’s ability to detoxify tissue*
  • Encourages natural removal of dietary toxins*
  • Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 9.0
  • All Vital Earth’s minerals are classified as “Vegetal Bio-Mass Minerals”
  • Gently processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind
  • No gluten, sugar, preservatives or additives
  • Non-GMO
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