What you really need to know about Methyl Folate


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Did you know?

Methyl folate is just the natural active form of folate that is used by the human body?

Since the body is not able to produce folate, the folate is obtained mainly from the diet. However, folate that is provided through food we eat is not considered to be biologically active and hence it must first be broken down by the liver.

Our body needs folate or Vitamin B9 to be able to carry out several vital functions in the body. Folate has the ability to activate, synthesize and repair the damages done to your DNA. It also helps in conversion of homocysteine into methionine which is a vital amino acid (higher level of homocysteine can lead to cardiovascular problems). Folate is also very important in production of red blood cell, and for proper fetal development. It also aids cell division and stimulates neutral transmitters, without a doubt folate is very important for overall healthy body.



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