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Did you know?

Everyone has those days when we are stressed and about to snap if one more thing gets laid on our plate. The good news is there is “Happy Camper” to help put a smile back on your face. The unique formula of Passion flower, Kava Kava, Eleuthero root, Gotu Kola, Kola Nut, Schisandra, Wood Betony and English Lavender works to sooth your frazzled nerves without the side effects of feeling sleepy or tired.

Here is how it works:
*Passion Flower has a gentle sedative effect to help lower blood pressure and help with anxiety, hyperactivity and insomnia.
*Kava Kava induces physical and mental relaxation. Relieves muscle spasms and eases pain. Helpful for anxiety, insomnia and stress related disorders.
*Eleuthero provides antioxidant protection helps to reduce irritation. Helps with a better memory and recall as well as improves mental clarity, better focus and alertness.
*Gotu Kola decreases fatigue and depression
*Kola Nut a stimulant in its own right, containing 1.5% – 2% caffeine, plus theobromine, which increases cerebral circulation. Theobromine is the alkaloid compound that can be found in chocolate and is thought to contribute a sense of alertness and well-being.
*Schisandra is an adaptogenic agent, it helps balance hormones naturally and therefore improves our ability to deal with stressors, both physical and psychological.
*Wood Betony helps to relieve headaches and anxiety.
*English Lavender useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.







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Happy Camper
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