Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

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Another strategy for maintaining or losing weight is stabilizing blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar rollercoasters between highs and lows, appetite follows suit-low blood sugar triggers feelings of hunger and often leads to poor food choices. When you eat something sweet or another type of refined carbohydrate, the quick rise in blood sugar will be followed by another hunger-stimulating low.

Every rise in blood sugar also triggers the release of insulin, the fat storage hormone. Blood sugar that is not burned for energy or stored as glycogen for future energy use is turned into fat. With every rise in blood sugar, more insulin is released, eventually leading to insulin resistance, in which your body will produce even more insulin, and store even more fat. Several nutrients can help maintain normal blood sugar and insulin levels.

Chromium is an essential nutrient needed for normal insulin function and blood-sugar control. Silymarin, an extract of the herb milk thistle, can also lower and stabilize blood sugar. Studies of people with type-2 diabetes have found that taking 200 mg three times daily can reduce blood sugar, insulin, and HbA1c, a measurement of blood sugar levels over a period of time.

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