Sea Salt vs Table Salt

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Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Table “salt” is manufactured by taking natural salt and heating it to 1200° Fahrenheit. During this extreme process, the chemical composition is completely altered and all of the nutritional benefits are destroyed. In the end, generic table “salt” ends up being about 97.5% sodium chloride and a 2.5% balance containing an array of ingredients including: anti-caking chemicals, MSG, aluminum. On the other hand, if we were talking about REAL salt like Celtic Sea Salt® or Himalayan salt there are an abundance of benefits-Because of the life-giving nutrition sea salt contains:

  • Contains 60 trace minerals which help you stay hydrated.
  • Sufficient sodium levels that help balance your sodium-potassium ratios.
  • Powerful electrolytes like magnesium
  • Trace elements required for proper adrenal, immune and thyroid function.
  • Digestive enzyme enhancers, which help your body absorb more nutrients from the foods that you eat.



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