Reverse T3, is an emergency-only starvation hormone that blocks fat burning


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Did you know?

Did you know Reverse T3, RT3, is an emergency-only starvation hormone that blocks fat burning. When you don’t eat enough, your body makes conserving your fat stores a special priority, and it creates more fat from whatever you feed it, by secreting RT3. When you eat a lot of nutrient-dense food in the right way, your body relaxes, recognizing the emergency has passed, and starts burning that fat for fuel again.

In situations when you are experiencing chronic stress, certain disease processes, or nutritional deprivation, RT3 listen’s to your body’s Red Alert. This signals the RT3 to bind to the T3 receptor sites soT3 can’t do its job. The result is that your body quits burning and starts storing. So, taking a look at how your Thyroid is functioning- including your RT3 level is important.




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