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Sneezing, itching, watery eyes… there’s really nothing fun about seasonal allergies. But beyond just the annoying symptoms, studies have shown that during certain seasons those allergy sufferers often experience a general sense of fatigue.


When an allergen trigger like pollen/grasses/dust/weeds lands on top of receptors in our nasal passage it alerts the body to release histamine. Histamines are naturally occurring. They initiate a series of reactions that are designed to help the body get rid of unwanted visitors. The problem is when body overreacts to non-harmful substances.


That’s when we end up with the constant itchy eyes and runny nose   This all leads to inflammation in the nose, sinus, throat and lung areas, making it more allowable for bacteria, viruses and fungus to set up house and takeover. Dealing with these symptoms at the first sign can help you avoid colds, sinus infection, etc.


There are some wonderful natural allergy supplements. Let us help you relieve your symptoms and hopefully prevent any further distress.


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