Incredible Benefits of Saline Nasal Wash

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Did you know?

Saline nasal washings with a Neti Pot have been used for centuries to maintain clear nasal passages. The regular use of a saline nasal wash can soothe, moisturize, and help keep the nose, sinuses and ears clear, clean and healthy by removing irritants, particles and debris keeping the passages clear while moisturizing and soothing irritated membranes. We carry Naso Pure, which is a much easier style of Neti Pot. Some added benefits are:

  • Daily practice improves both nasal and sinus health
  • Clears out sticky, thick mucus and helps reduce nasal congestion by thinning secretions
  • Allows the sinus cavities to drain freely so allergens, irritants, bacteria, viruses and contaminants can be eliminated
  • Helps prevent upper respiratory infections like the common cold
  • Relieves nasal dryness
  • Helps to treat sinusitis and rhinitis
  • Reduces allergic rhinitis.
  • Reduces coughing and other symptoms of post-nasal drip




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