Increasing intake of Electrolytes can help you keep Hydrated


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Did you know?

Did you know you could drink a gallon of water a day and still be dehydrated? Dehydration is the loss of fluid from the body.

The symptoms of dehydration include dry lips and mouth, rapid heart rate, dizziness, and decreased urine output. Dehydration can affect the concentration of the body’s electrolytes, causing a fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

While your body contains several electrolytes, including calcium, the ones most affected by dehydration are sodium, magnesium, potassium and chloride. Increasing your intake of electrolytes in the form of Himalayan Salt, Coconut Water, Electrolyte supplements, Alfalfa tablets or even Apple Cider Vinegar can help keep you hydrated on these HOT HOT HOT summer days.





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