How Vanadyl sulfate Helps to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels


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Did you know?

Vanadyl sulfate is a trace mineral that is needed in small quantities by your body? It is found in soybeans, mushrooms, shellfish, carrots, oat, cabbage and olive oil. The primary role vanadyl sulfate has in your body is maintaining your teeth and bones.

You may buy the supplement- vanadyl sulfate being referred to as vanadium and this form, when consumed, is changed to vanadyl by your stomach acid. Cholesterol production is decreased with vanadyl sulfate.

Vanadyl sulfate helps to regulate blood sugar levels and possibly be an asset to people with blood sugar regulation problems, such as diabetes, PCOS and metabolic syndrome. Vanadyl sulfate mimics the action of insulin in the body by stimulating your cells to take in glucose faster. This could possibly lead to improved glucose control by maintaining the number of functioning insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

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