Pets are a lot like people when it comes to Nutrition!


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Pet food supply chains have grown larger and larger and it has become more difficult to oversee what’s in dog/cat food and where it comes from.When it comes to nutrition, pets are a lot like people. They’re omnivores, meaning they can live healthy lives while eating a variety of food

Meats, vegetables, and grains all can be a part of a dog’s diet.
Most people are blissfully unaware as to what goes into commercially prepared dog/cat food.   But your pet’s health is not unaware – your pets health WILL suffer if you feed them most commercially prepared pet foods. But also like us, dogs need balanced, moderately-sized meals that fuel their activities, not an overindulgent diet that will expand their waistlines and put them at risk of diseases. Solid Gold Dog/Cat food is a blend of super foods, protected probiotics and perfect proteins balanced for your pet’s whole health. This curated combination of ingredients is at the heart of every dry dog and cat food they make, and together, they unlock your pet’s healthiest mind, body and spirit.


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