Colon cleanse and a Whole-body Cleanse / Detox can help you lose weight


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Did you know?

A colon cleanse and a whole-body cleanse/detox can help you lose weight? Yes, during a cleanse you are eating better, eliminating waste (we can have up to 10 or more pounds just in waste), and dropping water weight. But, did you know that by adding a simple cleanse you can rev up any weight loss?

By pulling toxins out of the cell and eliminating them from the body you can accelerate your weight loss. Your body is pretty smart, and when we become toxic, our body stores fat in unfun places such as our belly, hips and thighs. This fat provides a place to store the toxins to protect our organs from toxic damage. The more toxic we get, the harder time our body has to protect and heal. There are various ways to cleanse and detox that do not keep you attached to the toilet. Simply put, a cleanse or detox is a tune-up, and great way to supercharge your health.




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