Blood Drive with Carter Blood Center on Thursday, October 30th 2014

  Eterna is hosting a Blood Drive again with Carter Blood Care Center.

   Help us save a life by donating!

 We’ll give you a treat for being sweet!!!

 October 30th,2014

5 pm to 8 pm

Do It For Others

Every day, close to 800 patients in North, Central and East Texas require timely blood transfusions. The majority of this blood comes from blood drives organized by groups like yours. When you organize a blood drive, you give patients in our community a second chance at life or better health.

Do It For Yourself

Giving blood is also a great way for donors to learn vital information about their own health. A free mini-physical is given at the time of donation, which includes a screening of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron levels. Blood donors can also check their cholesterol level within days following donation.

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