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Pet Foods


If you read nutrition labels and are concerned about what you are putting in your body, doesn’t it make sense to think about what you feed your pets? 

Dogs will generally eat anything you feed them…..but shouldn’t. Feeding your dog a more natural dog food reduces inflammation, helps with better digestion, lowers risk of illness or disease, reduces bad odor and breath, decreases allergies, itching and licking at “hot Spots”, normalizes weight, and increases energy and activity.  On the label look for meat as No. 1 ingredient – not meat filler; vegetables, fruits, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, probiotics and other natural supplements, and natural preservatives like Vitamin C or E, or Rosemary extract.



$2 off Pet food purchase


Coupon good 5/18/15 to 5/26/15

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