3 Ways To Get More Oxygen To The Brain


“Did you know?”
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Did you know?

Did you know even though you can breathe normally your brain may not be getting enough oxygen? Lack of oxygen in the brain can cause poor brain function.  In fact:

  • – The brain uses about three times as much oxygen as muscles in the body do.
  • – Brain cells are very sensitive to decreases in oxygen levels and don’t survive or function well very long without it.
  • – The brain is made up of very special cells called neurons, and each of them can do the job of any of the other neurons in the brain. That process gives us the ability to relearn most functions using different parts of the brain.

You would think that deeper breaths mean more oxygen in your lungs and more oxygen to your brain. Well, that’s not necessarily true. So instead of breathing big breaths to get more oxygen to your brain, here are three ways to do it:

  1. Take short walks throughout the day. Taking short walks will also help increase the blood flow to your brain.
  2. Breathe through your nose. Engage your diaphragm, in your abdominal area. This is also called “belly breathing.” Breathing deeply moves the air and oxygen down into the lower areas
  3. Stand Up. Stand up on both feet or just one foot. Standing on one-foot increased circulation in the cerebellar anterior vermis and posterior lobe lateral cortex ipsilateral portions of the brain. Standing in tandem increased circulation in the visual association cortex, midbrain, anterior and posterior parts of the brain.

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